Weight Management with Dark Roast Arabica Coffee and other Health Drinks

A Choice of Four Drinks

With Antioxidant Benefits, Try the Range of Drinks Today!

SlimRoast Coffee

Dark Roast Arabica Coffee helps to control appetite and regulate sugar absorption. Promotes concentration, health and focus. SlimRoast


Healthy weight management with natural appetite suppressants, TRIM is flavoured with Raspberry Ketones and Maqui Berry.


Designed to support immune health and help prevent colds, IMMUNE is packed with antioxidants and nutrient rich fruit extracts. IMMUNE


Formulated to help boost energy levels, and increase focus and performance. ENERGY is great for both mornings and afternoons. ENERGY

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Build your own business and create your own line of income by sharing Valentus health drinks!
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100% Natural Ingredients

A Range of Choices for Health and Wellbeing
Try the line of beverages from Valentus with family of 4 product choices for people with diverse needs. Formulated with best natural ingredients Valentus pride themselves in improving your sense of wellbeing and quality of life by:

• Giving you control over your weight management without radical diets

• Reducing cravings for the wrong foods and drink using herbal appetite suppressors

• Enhancing your energy, mood and mental alertness without sugars or chemical additives

• Boosting your immune system with natural vitamins in delicious drinks

• Speak to one of our representatives today to find out more!
We work with independent representatives of public organisations like the NHS and Valentus to ensure their customers have the right information to make healthy choices. We supply information for education and training supported by clinical research papers and pictures. We show our information sources wherever possible and if unattributed sourced information subsequently becomes attributable we are happy to add links to content owners or remove the content.
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