Summary for Employers who are Interested in Reducing Costs Whilst Boosting Employee Health and Wellbeing

good supplementThis is a short summary for employers who are interested in reducing costs whilst boosting employee health and wellbeing at the same time. We’ll be sharing 3 key points

First – why low-cost high value well-being investments work well

Second – how employers can support healthier staff lifestyles

Third – what results and outcomes everyone at work can achieve

So first let’s highlight that staff surveys by the CIPD prove employees really appreciate being offered healthy food and drinks at work as part of staff benefits packages.

Being given free tea, coffee and cold drinks comes in the top 5 motivators voted by staff.

Most employers realise that charitable work in the community is good for their brand. Giving something unconditionally to staff also promotes engagement and loyalty, as well as wellbeing.

There are extra practical benefits for employers too. Our new powder sachets are airtight and do not require fridges or freezers to remain fresh.


Besides having long shelf lives our sachets are easier to store and create no waste cup packaging.

The biggest benefits come from our unique blend of herbal botanicals. There is a choice of 4 drinks, hot and cold, each blending 9 to 13 well known natural ingredients with no chemical additives.

Our special mix of minerals and high fibre fruit extracts have been endorsed by nutritionists and proven safe and healthy by regulatory bodies.

All 4 of our products are designed for different types of people. SlimRoast has 9 ingredients including Arabica coffee and Green tea for natural early starters. It also helps manage weight.

Trim’s 13 ingredients have high fruit content and reduce food cravings.

Energy’s 13 ingredients have cognitive stimulants, ideal as a pick-me-up later in the day.

Immune’s 13 ingredients help prevent health problems and speed-up recovery after illness.


For employers it adds up to a healthier well-balanced work-force with lower rates of illness and absence.

Absence statistics show 7 days are lost every year per person through sickness or stress, costing nearly £1000 per person.

Investing in a supplement for less than £1.50 per serving makes real economic sense.

We can offer employers discounts up to 45% too.

Our team understand and are experienced in occupational health matters.

We provide staff with free leaflets detailing the health benefits of each product.

We also supply employers with a free staff survey to measure potential interest, and to evaluate outcomes.
We can spot staff health issues before they become problems. Recent visits have shown staff eating snacks which can cause long-term health damage.

IMG_5705Just one serving of Hummus or Taramasalata can contain as much salt as 8 packets of salted crisps. A diet high in salt leads to strokes and heart disease.
Offering the latest range of low-cost safe supplements with first class advice in occupational health will ensure healthier staff.

And healthier people are more effective at work and at happier at home.

That’s why our occupational health advice is about BEING BALANCED.







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