July 12, 2016

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Q: How SAFE are Valentus Prevail and SlimRoast herbal wellbeing product ingredients?

A: Valentus ingredients, manufacturing processes and packaging are made exclusively in the USA. This ensures direct quality control with NO third party sub-contracted foreign manufacturers.  All products and packaging is independently CE Quality Mark approved to meet international trading standards.  All Valentus product ingredients are shown clearly on each box. These show there are NO chemicals, NO artificial additives, NO genetically modified substances, NO artificial sweeteners, NO fats, NO cholesterol, NO preservatives, NO gluten and NO animal derivatives. Each product ingredient has been independently tested for quality and safety and the ingredients have been recognised as safe through use by complementary wellness practitioners. Separate ingredients (not in mixers) have been independently clinically tested by medical regulatory bodies.  Independent clinical reports on ingredient benefits are published widely and publicly available or on request. Valentus makes no medical claims regarding health outcomes. The customers speak for themselves.


Q: Why are Valentus products supplied in POWDER form?

A: Powder form is recognised as the safest and most durable product method for manufacturing, shipping, stocking, and consumption. Other product forms such as pills, liquids, solids and herb roots have higher risk of breakage and contamination with consequent higher risks for health and safety. Powder is also the most cost-effective for a high quality blended herbal product with a mix of several ingredients to be made available in a single package at an affordable price.


Q: Why do people prefer Valentus over PHARMACY stocked products?

A: Customers say a key reason is their preference to have just one sachet which contains several herbal ingredients instead of having to spend a lot more on several boxes of single products.



Q: Why are blended ingredient mixers NOT being sold in Pharmacies?

A: There is more profit to be made in selling 6 boxes of single ingredients for £60. This is despite new clinical studies proving that both pharmaceutical drugs and herbal remedies are more effective when applied in combination mixers. Clinical studies on combination therapy are publicly available.


Q: How safe is Valentus packaging?

A: The packaging uses the latest high grade flexible airtight sachets which have been pressure and strength tested to withstand the toughest shipping, warehousing and stocking environments. This ensures NO risks of bacterial puncture, NO risks of shipping damage, NO risks of drop damage, NO risks of shelf-life deterioration, and NO risks of malicious or accidental foreign body penetration.



Q: Have there been any Regulatory Body issues or reported irregularities for Valentus products or packaging?

A: The international food and drink regulatory bodies, including USA Federal Drugs Administration, EU Food Safety Authority and and UK Food Standards Agency, have reported NO irregularities, NO non-conformities, NO inconsistencies and NO risks with Valentus packaging and product ingredients. Valentus makes NO medical claims.


Q: Do nutritionists and dieticians recommend Valentus?

A: Yes click on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dWQd3UaSfc



Q: Are there any recommendations on amounts drunk?

A: All 4 drinks can be taken daily if desired. Valentus recommends SlimRoast is initially dissolved in warm water as boiling water can reduce nutritional value of vegetable based products. Many customers have a SlimRoast at breakfast, Energy at lunch and Immune at supper time.


Q: How much CAFFEINE is in Valentus products?qa3

There is VERY low MILLIGRAM caffeine content in 3 drinks and NO caffeine in Immune. The safe maximum caffeine dose for a pregnant woman is 200 gram per day. Two teaspoons of Nescafe contains 114 gram caffeine. Two Expressos or Nespressos contain 130 gram caffeine. Valentus uses high grade roasted Arabica coffee beans (1.5% caffeine content) and avoids the low grade Robusta beans (2.7% caffeine content) used in supermarket instant coffee. “The finest coffee bean is undoubtedly sourced from the Arabica species” quote by Peter Baskerville renowned global coffee  expert.


Q: How much refined SUGAR is in Valentus products?

A: There is NO refined sugar in Valentus products. Energy mix includes just 4 gram natural organic fructose, Immune has 3 gram, Trim has 1 gram and SlimRoast has NO sugar. By comparison other big brand coffees have up to 39% refined sugar.


Q: How much CREAM is in Valentus products?

A: There is NO cream in Valentus products. Just 2 spoons of cream would add 104 calories and reduce the absorbtion of nutrition.


Q: How many calories in Valentus products compared with others?

A: Coffee shop lattes and frappucinos contain up to 670 calories per drink. A typical supermarket small sachet energy drink called “Maxi Nutrition” claiming to be an “elite carbohydrate sports gel with added mental focus” has over 100 calories, sugar, caffeine and chemical flavourings E330, acidity regulators E338, colourants E150d,  preservatives E202, thickeners E460 and E415, and sodium chloride (salt).

By contrast Valentus Energy and Immune have 30 calories, Trim has 20 calories, and SlimRoast has less than 20 calories and only I milligram trace sodium


Q: Do Valentus products change metabolic rates and create stress on blood pressure and the heart?

A: No, Valentus ingredients combine to tackle health issues such as weight management in different ways. For example cllinical trials on SlimRoast ingredients have shown a number of different health benefits: Garcinia Cambogia suppresses appetite which encourages the body to burn excess fat, in turn decreasing blood pressure on the heart. L Carnitine speeds up fat oxygenation in a biological process called “thermogenesis” enabling body fat to be converted naturally into energy; this avoids the problem of losing energy and feeling tired on a traditional diet. Clinical trials on L Carnitine also show patients with chronic congestive heart failure have reduced myocardial damage in early stages of cardiomyopathy.  Clinical reports on Chromium show improved sensitivity to insulin and reduced appetite cravings with cases of diabetes reversal. Examples below on L Carnitine clinical studies






Q: Do I need to change my diet?

A: No although you should carefully review if your diet is balanced and healthy. Keeping a daily log of your weight is a good idea too as many customers report improvements within just a few weeks as they can choose the most relevant drink in the range. Drinking 2 litres of water every day helps.




Q: Do I need to exercise or change my fitness routine?

A: No as Valentus beverages are designed to work with or without any exercise routines.  However, results will be quicker with the addition of regular exercise such as walking which also improves muscle tone and cardiovascular health. The website provides separate advice on diet from qualified nutritionists and dieticians.


Q: Do the products promote alkalinity?

A: Yes as shown in the chart below



Q: What ages are appropriate for the Valentus beverages?

A: There are many customers that freely give their children Immune and also use the Energy drinks in place of sports drinks if their children are active.  Each sachet is based on a 68kg adult so you can work out the proportion according to the weight and feel free to discuss with a doctor or pharmacist as well, especially if you are thinking of starting a young person on Trim or Slim Roast.


Product Choice

Q: How do buyers choose the right products for themselves, family and friends?

A:  Valentus product range offers a choice of 4 different mixed herbal drinks to suit the different needs of people of all ages and abilities.  All 4 products are specially blended mixes of several herbs, minerals and vitamins. The website shows each of the 4 drink ingredients and wellbeing benefits. There are 3 natural fruit based cold drinks Immune, Energy and Trim, plus one coffee based drink SlimRoast.


Q: How many sachets are in each box of healthy herbal beverages?

A: There are 24 sachets – a one-month supply based on one a day with a break on the 7th day.


Q: Why do Valentus recommend a one day break per week?

A: Just one day off allows the body to “re-boot” which for some people helps ongoing fast absorption of healthy herbals. Others are happy with one or more a day.


Q: What discounts are available?

A: The more people buy the higher the discount. Buying 3 boxes gives 25% discount, 6 boxes gives 35% discount and 16 boxes gives 45% discount. Extra sachets are useful to give as samples to potential resellers. The 45% discount deal also creates a higher commission on re-seller sales. Re-seller sales generate ongoing commissions and payback the cost of supplying small samples.



Q: How do first time buyers order?

A: There is a simple online order process which takes just a couple of minutes to type address and billing information. Customers usually choose either a two week sample with a money-back guarantee if returned in 30 days, or a regular monthly auto-ship. Most customers set up an auto-ship as this ensures a regular monthly order and if they set up 2 resellers on auto-ship they can also earn a discount.


Q: What is the difference between a Preferred Customer and an Independent Representative?

A: Anyone can order as a preferred customer and enjoy 25% off retail prices.  For an extra $20, buyers can sign on as an Independent Representative, securing commissions from resellers, a free personalised website, free online training and marketing support materials. Example flier below


Q: How do customers reorder?

A: Reordering is very simple.  The first order generates an email from Valentus containing a personal online link to order product. New buyers are automatically linked to their introducers / enrollers through their free personalised website, so any order is linked to the introducer / enroller.  If buyers forget their user id and password, they just email support@valentus.com  for a reminder.


Q: Is Valentus website https protected and secure?

A: The Valentus website ORDER page automatically turns on a secure https feature ensuring complete protection of buyer details while making your transaction.  A green padlock automatically appears next to the buyer website name in the search bar.


Q: Are there any negative reports from customers

A:  Yes. It is important to appreciate that no product is 100% perfect for 100% of the population.  Some customers take alcoholic drinks regularly and sometimes exceed the recommended healthy quantity guidelines. They have reported that the product detox and thermogenesis effect sometimes causes stomach cramps. This is a natural result of converting fatty deposits around the liver and pancreas into soluble tissue.

NB Valentus adheres to Advertising Standards guidelines and makes no medical claims for its products. Valentus ingredients have been assessed by third parties and clinical reports of seperate ingredients are publicly available online. If in doubt customers should contact qualified nutritionists, dieticians or occupational health advisors. Bottom of Form


Q: What is the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

A:  If for any reason a buyer does not like the product, or for any other reason, Valentus offer customers a full refund if empty boxes or unused sticks are returned within 30 days.  No questions asked.  Buyers just email Valentus at support@valentus.com . Currently returns are less than 2% and over 50% of new buyers subsequently enrol others as Independent Representatives.


Q: Where can I obtain further free advice on these products?

A: Many customers are experienced in occupational health and in reviewing new health products and are happy to be contacted without obligation. For further information contact

Clive Bonny tele 07973 799153 Clive@consult-smp.com

Clive is an experienced advisor in occupational health since 1990, assessing innovative products and services for the NHS. He advises health specialists and employers on staff motivation and stress management, and trains new business start-ups. Since 2012 Clive has held Gold Awards for Responsible Business Standards, in 2015 Enterprise Nation and professional bodies voted him Top 50 UK Consultant, and in 2016 he was awarded Most Advanced Independent Consultancy for Technology and Innovation by Corporate Vision News publishers. Ref www.consult-smp.com