Our Story

August 6, 2016

pathway-1149113txtOUR MISSION is to enable people of all ages and abilities to lead longer healthier lives

OUR VISION is to see healthier choices offered to all people at home and at work

OUR VALUES being balanced physically and mentally at home and at work


Our Story…

We do what we believe in. We are passionate about health and enhancing the quality of life for our community. We have experienced ill health, sometimes life-threatening. We have recovered as a result of changing our behaviour. That change has been driven by recognising that we are what we eat.

We have been successfully self-employed for many years. We value balancing the priorities of our lives at home and at work to ensure our future security. We share our skills with others so they too can enjoy a wider role in the community, extra incomes and more choices. Building successful teams with great products gives us a real sense of achievement.

Our business and community partners come from all ages, all abilities and all walks of life. We work with home-workers, mumpreneurs, life coaches, college leavers, teachers, doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, employers, and people retired from full time work wanting to give something back to the community. Anyone who wants to help others improve their quality of life can come on board.


Why Join US?

One of our mantras is Success Breeds Success when Values Sustain Value. Whilst we have a proven track record in business, we appreciate what others bring to the party. As a team we have an immense amount of knowledge to share in health and lifestyle products and services. As individuals we are experienced business coaches and skilled developers.

We know that hard work is a key ingredient of success. There are few short cuts to success. It’s also about managing time effectively, and we ensure people have time to relax. We help our team prioritise their time to avoid the treadmill. We know everyone has down-turns and we’re here to motivate and support others when that happens.

A good way to judge us is to look at what we have achieved in similar situations already. But by far the best way to judge us is to contact us and have an informal chat about what you want and how we may help you. We are very accessible.



A Personal Perspective from Clive Bonny

Our StoryWhen I first heard about the products I was intrigued but cynical about the claims. I’ve been working in the health sector for many years, seeing products come and go even after clinical approvals. I’ve had the misfortune to have been badly affected by pharmaceuticals. They affected my heart, liver, immune system and digestion. I’ve ended up on life support in critical care, and I spent years taking daily doses of pills to treat a life threatening chronic illness called atrial fibrillation.
I’ve been lucky to work in health innovations with the NHS and many private health practitioners. I enjoy researching and testing new products and services, sometimes as a “Mystery Shopper” for companies and consumers. You can see one of my shopping visits online at the height of the horsemeat scandal, when supermarkets were selling horsemeat labelled as beef burgers. Click on the link below if you want! Read More here…

The ingredient mix is uniquely well balanced. I tested the packaging which was robust and safe. I’m trained in background personnel vetting so I looked at the people in the business too – all OK. My work on Business Ethics has been published by The Economist and I have a test for “triple bottom line” economic, environmental and social sustainability. Valentus passed this too.

I liked their model of multi-level relationship marketing which enables anyone to build their own business at home with very low costs, even whilst working for others. With no wholesalers taking margins it allows a bigger share of profits to be shared across the supply chain.

I weighed 85 kg in April

23rd April

I drank 1 sachet of SlimRoast a day for 4 weeks with no other changes to diet or exercise. My result: 5 kg lost!

I’m five feet ten tall, weighed 85 kg in April and exercise regularly. So I tested the SlimRoast product, one a day for 4 weeks, with no changes to my diet or exercise. A month later I weighed 80 kg and lost 2 inches round my waist. In the health sector we are acutely aware we cannot make medical claims for products which are just designed to improve wellbeing. And Valentus to their credit emphasise they make no medical claims. So I’m not claiming any specific clinical benefits from herbal drinks. But I can say my cardiologist and GP have both given me a clean bill of health, I’m no longer on any medications, and I’m back on my roller blades in Brighton.
I am sufficiently impressed to support a unique opportunity to create a healthier community, and boost employment and incomes for homeworkers. We have only one life and we all have a choice how to manage it.
Clive Bonny