Video Script for Consumers

April 26, 2017

Hello I’m Clive Bonny from SlimRoast

This is a short video for drinkers of coffee, tea and herbal health botanicals. We’ll be sharing 2 KEY points

FIRST – why people are NOW buying these drinks

SECOND – how this reduces massive environmental waste

So first WHY are people changing to our herbal health drinks?

This will surprise you – they are half the price of retailers and pharmacies because you buy direct online. The average cost of a high street take-away coffee is £2.20 and it can cost twice that to drink onsite.

You can buy the latest herbal health botanicals for just £1.45 pence and that’s with the highest grade Arabica coffee and Green Tea. So just 5 drinks a week will save you £165 a year.

You also get in every drink a blend of SEVERAL herbs and minerals to help improve your immune system, your energy and manage your weight.

Each drink contains up to 13 proven and SAFE supplements. Pharmacies sell these separately for over £5 for each supplement. So at £1.45 for ALL of them you get a HUGE saving.

But it’s not just about saving you money. It’s about improving YOUR quality of life. Most retail food and drink contains chemical preservatives, saturated fats, and refined sugars. High street coffees contain up to 300 calories in EACH drink.

Our herbal drinks have less than 30 calories per serving. There are NO chemical preservatives, NO saturated fats, and NO refined sugars.

You get ALL these extra health benefits and save pounds every time you buy.

The SECOND big benefit is you’ll reduce environmental waste. TV and national newspapers have been reporting the scandal called “Wake up and Smell the Waste”

Environment campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has been driving a double decker bus covered with 10,000 empty take-away coffee cups. That’s the number of coffee cups UK café buyers throw away EVERY 2 MINUTES.

High street coffee giants say they are recyclable but Hugh has taken the lid off this scam. They use polyethylene and polystyrene. They’re NOT EVEN made from recycled material in the FIRST place. This oil based waste pollutes land and water killing birds, wildlife and fish.

That same waste returns to YOU in toxic food.

EQUALLY BAD is £100 million pounds of coffee pods used in UK homes every year. Mixing plastic and aluminium prevents easy recycling. Some countries BAN them. You can too by using SACHETS.

You can choose different blends of up to 13 HERBS AND MINERALS in ONE small sachet.

Pull it from your pocket ANY PLACE and ANY TIME and just pop it into a cup with hot or cold water. That means NO paper cup waste at home OR at work.

Why not get some samples? Start saving pounds and feel fantastic!

We’re here to help so please get in touch and thanks for watching.