Video Script for Distributors

April 28, 2017

This is a short summary for anyone interested in creating a second income at home as our independent representatives for the fastest growing business in herbal health drinks. You’ll take away 3 key opportunities:

First why this is the fastest growing business in this market
Second how to choose partners who can ensure your success
And third how your success will build community health and wellbeing

So let’s look at why this is the fastest growing business in the market. The latest UK diet surveys prove the population is increasingly aware of health risks drinking high dose refined sugar and toxic sugar replacement chemical compounds. People want products with no chemical emulsifiers, no preservatives, no saturated fats and no refined sugars.

The UK has a coffee habit costing £122 million every week and the average coffee drinker spends £393 per year on take-aways at work. Costa Coffee and Star Bucks have very appropriate names! People are waking up to the fact that they can save hundreds of pounds by buying quality health drinks direct from manufacturers at half the cost. So the new generation of home-based entrepreneurs can now promote herbal health drinks without retailers and wholesalers taking big margins.

The UK also has more success in home-based businesses than anywhere else in Europe. Enterprise Nation reports 4 million self-employed create £300 billion pounds every year. 85% of Home-Preneurs forecast positive growth. Catering and health products are the top growth sectors. This is exactly the right place and the right time to come into a high growth market to give your community improved health and quality of life, and give your family an extra income at home.

So how do you choose partners who can ensure your future success?

We’ve worked for the NHS and many successful private health companies, so here are 5 direct benefits to show our personal credentials and experience to support you:

Our experience and success in health products and services
We’re professionally qualified to coach and advise you
Over 25 years successfully leading quality profitable enterprises
We can prove our ethical and financial sustainability

What evidence does the internet show of our personal abilities?

Google “Clive Bonny” to see what the others say. You can see how we answer these questions on our websites too. Big brands often lack the personal touch. We ensure your support is personally tailored for you with a top class website and marketing. If you put enough time aside and you are genuinely interested in health and wellbeing, then your success will happen.

This is a wonderful opportunity to build a sustainable income at home with profitable and ethical products supported by ourselves as qualified and successful entrepreneurs.