Video Script for Employers

April 26, 2017

Hello I’m Clive Bonny an occupational health advisor for SlimRoast.

This is a short video to share with your employers to REDUCE COSTS and BOOST staff health at the same time. You’ll take away 3 real opportunities.

FIRST – why high quality AFFORDABLE herbal drinks REALLY work well
Second – how employers are NOW supporting healthier staff lifestyles
Third – what RESULTS and outcomes EVERYONE at work are achieving

So FIRST let’s highlight that staff surveys PROVE employees really appreciate being offered healthy beverages at work. Being given tea, coffee and cold drinks comes in the top 5 staff motivators. You get SAFE STORAGE as our powder sachets are airtight strong and don’t need fridges to stay fresh. Besides having long shelf lives the sachets are easier to store with no waste cup packaging.

Our sachets include a SPECIAL BLEND of herbs, minerals and high fibre fruit extracts, endorsed by NUTRITIONISTS and safe by regulatory bodies. You have CHOICE of 4 drinks, hot and cold, each blending up to 13 well known natural ingredients with no chemical additives, NO refined sugars and NO preservatives. SlimRoast has 9 ingredients including Arabica coffee AND Green tea for natural early starters. It ALSO helps people manage their weight.

Trim’s 13 ingredients have high FRUIT content and reduce food cravings.
Energy’s 13 ingredients have cognitive stimulants, ideal as a pick-me-up later in the day.
Immune’s 13 ingredients help PREVENT health problems and speeds up recovery AFTER illness.

For employers it adds up to a healthier well-balanced work-force with LOWER rates of illness and absence. Absence is very expensive and adds to stress for others at work.
So investing in a healthy BALANCED supplement for less than £1.50 per serving makes real ECONOMIC sense. Employers get discounts up to 45% too

But why choose US?
We are experienced in OCCUPATIONAL health
We provide FREE information to manage employee health
We provide a FREE staff survey to reduce your costs and improve the way you work.
Low-cost blended supplements in YOUR workplace WILL ensure healthier staff.
And healthier people are more effective at work and at happier at home.
That’s why at SlimRoast our motto is BEING BALANCED.
Why not try some samples? Start saving pounds and improve wellbeing at work.
We’re here to help so please get in touch and THANKS for watching